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Why to Apply for Awards

Award nominations are worthwhile but can be daunting because the process is sometimes time-consuming. That's why many entrepreneurs and businesses often overlook this exceptional marketing tool.

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Why bother with the awards process?

Distinction, credibility and prestige are just three benefits to the process. Award winners are acknowledged as business leaders and as humanitarians who recognize the value of participating in the local economy and social system.

And Now for those Top 10 Reasons . . .

  1. Free publicity through pre-awards promotion and follow-up with post-award promotion

  2. Opportunity to meet other successful people in your industry

  3. Energize and motivate employees - everyone loves to be part of a winning organization; the greater employees' pride in the company, the greater their motivation to help you succeed

  4. Retain existing customers - customers like to be associated with winners too

  5. Re-examine your organization's strengths and weaknesses

  6. Earn third-party recognition as an industry leader

  7. Strengthen your brand recognition through awards publicity and prestige

  8. Position your company ahead of the competition

  9. Peer respect and recognition

  10. Personal satisfaction

  11. Impact your bottom line with an expanded client base

  12. Build your image

  13. Tangible indicator that your company is doing better than average

  14. Update company information including business plan, vision statement, biographies, and more

  15. Bonus for exit strategy - just one more reason someone would want to buy your business when you are ready to retire
You said top 10 reasons - that was 15!

If you did not notice that the Wordsmith listed six extra reasons, you are far too busy to write your own award applcation . . . and well ready to earn one.

If you did notice the extra reasons, congratulations! You are observant, diligent, intelligent and ready to win an award!

Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith

How Does the Awards Process Work?

Step One: Get Nominated

A fortunate few are nominated without their knowledge. For the rest, there are other simple methods.

Method 1:
Rely on the business principle: if you want something, ask for it. Ask someone to nominate you. People are often happy to nominate but simply did not think to do so, were not aware of the award, or did not understand how closely the award related to your business. Clients, peers, family members, friends, financial counsellors - these are the people that know your business best. The nominator will feel honoured that you chose him or her.

Method 2:
In many situations, you may self nominate. Isn't self nomination kind of cheesey - perhaps even hubristic? Not at all. Awards are PR strategy - like any advertising mechanism. Beside, self nomination is very common in the awards circle - and only the awards committee knows the who nominated you.

The nomination part is usually very simple. Nominators simply fill out a form, supplying the name, contact information, and category of the award, along with their reason for the nomination.

Step Two: Prepare Supporting Material

Be sure to hire an expert like Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith.

Step Three: Submit the application package

Step Four: Sit Back and Reap the Benefits

See Top 10 Reasons again . . .

Are Awards a lot of Work?

Entering the plethora of available contests can be time consuming - which could detract from your bottom line if you don't act wisely. The varying requirements of different awards can also be mind boggling to the unindoctrinated. That is where the Wordsmith comes in. An experienced awards writer like Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith lets you focus on your business while she works quietly behind the scenes, putting together this outstanding publicity package.

The Wordsmith's expertise includes:
  • understanding a variety of award processes
  • writing supporting material
  • interviewing nominators, nominee, and supporters
  • drafting testimonials and letters of support based on interviews with providers
  • creating or updating the company vignette
  • writing nominee’s biography
  • writing news release
  • writing other supporting documents as required
  • fine-tuning, updating or finalizing business plan and other complementary material
  • drafting, fine-tuning or finalizing Mission Statement
  • writing acceptance and other speeches

What if I Don't Take First Place?

Whether you take first place or not, you will always come out a winner. In case you have forgotten how, reread the top 10+ reasons above to remind yourself how the awards process benefits your business. What are you waiting for? You can't win a race you don't run.

Contact Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith today to begin reaping the rewards of awards.

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