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What are the vital components of an effective brochure?

Brochures should present a corporate image consistent with your company's other marketing material. A bang-up brochure contains:
  • A brief synopsis of the general concepts of your company
  • A listing of the specific services you offer
  • Demonstrated benefits, clearly answering the question all potential customers want to know, "What's in it for me?"
  • Logistics of how the service or product will be delivered, along with terms and conditions of payment
  • Testimonials - You can truthfully tell the world about your wonderful company but that information seems much more credible coming from someone else
  • Contact information - Keep it current, relevant and specific i.e. Sales xxx-yyyy Marketing yyy-xxxx; don't forget to include e-mail addresses

What is the difference between a marketing brochure and a corporate image brochure?

Marketing Brochures

Marketing brochures reflect new directions of the company, new products, industry trends, and market demands
  • Often the first impression for clients
  • Vary in size and shape - ranging from black and white trifolds to multicolour, multipagers with pockets, flaps, slip sheets and die-cuts

Corporate Image/Identity Pieces

The corporate image brochure is also known as an "identity piece" because it reinforces your company's image and gives the "big picture".
  • The signature piece of the company's identity, mission, and standing in the industry
  • Give a brief overview of your product or service
  • Often a highly polished version of the marketing brochure
  • Most often a 4-colour multipager
  • Frequently accompanied by product brochures, spread sheets, and smaller brochures

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