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Letters with Impact

If you think the quality of communication has little impact, consider the American 44th president election campaign results.

Through two completely different communication styles and two wholly different messages, Barack Obama and John McCain asked for the American vote.

McCain consistently focused on his specialty - national security - choosing terminology and body language that reflected reliability, competence and good management. However, his presentations looked and sounded just what they were - scripted, stilted, and read from a teleprompter. Still, McCain's powerful debating skills almost won the day.

Obama, on the other hand, opened his campaign with a generic and all inclusive message: change and hope, filling in details later in the campaign. Adapting his language to fit each audience, Obama spoke more casually or more formally as the situation warranted. A strategically placed teleprompter and well timed pauses enabled him to read speeches without the usual tell tale signs. Voters responded positively to his inclusive word choices: you, our and all of us and to his easy style. Obama's communication skills mesmerized listeners worldwide, resulting in the almost unbelievable: the first American president of African descent.

Good communication gets results.

Now it is your turn. You need to write a critically important letter but are putting it off because:
  • Your message must be clear, succinct and effective - the first time;
  • You are not sure what level of language to use;
  • You do not know where to begin or how much information to include;
  • You do not know the proper format for this type of letter;
  • You need more information; or
  • You are too busy to do a proper job.
Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith has the solution. With more than twenty years' experience in corporate and legal correspondence, she writes and edits dynamic correspondence that clearly conveys your message. For direct sales letters, cover letters, client communications, or award support correspondence, contact Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith today. I guarantee you will be impressed with the results. High quality communication will transform the unbelievable into reality.

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