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Not All Professionals Are Created Equal

Isn't a website writer the same as a website programmer?
The short answer is no. Websites contain two critical components: programming and content. These components require two very different professional styles.

Using graphics, the programmer's technical skills make your site interesting, user-friendly and visually appealing.

Using language skills, the writer makes your site interesting, logical and professional by reshaping your ideas into powerful messages.

How would you react to the following?
Sum pepple think its ok to use bad grammer or speling. There the wons whos bottom line will sufer.

Grating, isn't it? Would you hire that writer? More importantly, would your potential clients hire you if that standard of writing appeared on your website?

Remember: The main goal of your website is to get your message out: clearly, succinctly, effectively. Don't lose your message through unprofessional prose.

Why not let the same person write and program your website?
You wouldn't let an electrician install your plumbing. Why let a website programmer write your web content?

Most website programmers are very good at what they do - programming.

Most website programmers are not very good at what the Wordsmith does - writing and editing. While their technical skills are often razor sharp, programmers' writing skills are often strop dull.

Ask the Wordsmith to make your site content beautiful and clever, then let your website programmer make your site's program beautiful and clever.
Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith
Why Hire Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith?
  • Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith not only shapes your ideas into powerful messages that sell, she makes those messages grammatically correct, easy to understand, and appealing.
  • With two degrees in English and more than twenty years experience in business writing, you can trust the Wordsmith.

Contact Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith today.

Then watch your bottom line grow.

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