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With more than a decade of media experience, Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith knows the secret of generating free publicity.

Her news releases are so effective, clients have been known to become physically exhausted from the flood of requests for television, radio and print interviews.

Top Tips for Outstanding News Releases

  1. News releases must be newsworthy.
    The news must have an impact on the public, on other businesses, or on a trend.
    If it sounds like advertising, no self respecting news outlet will pick up the story.
  2. Keep your news release brief.
    Remember, you are pitching to busy editors who want a brief summary - not a book.
    Hundreds of poorly written releases end up in the trash can every day.
  3. Answer the questions: who, what, when, why, and how.
    It is shocking how many news releases omit important information - information such as how to contact you. Busy reporters will not take the time to search for missing information.
  4. Print the news release on your company's letterhead.
  5. Use a reliable distribution service. Save time and money by using a distribution service - professionals
    who know how to define your market.
  6. Hire a good writer.
    Professional distribution services will reject improperly written new releases.
    For exceptional results, contract Shirley Collingridge, Wordsmith to write your news release today.

News Releases 101
  • What is a news release anyway?
  • A news release (sometimes referred to as a media release) is a one or two page abstract that grabs readers' interest so they will want to know more.
  • How will a news release help my business?
  • News releases notify your existing and potential clients about upcoming promotions, store openings, and new products or services.
    News releases are an inexpensive way to generate immediate publicity.
  • How do news releases generate publicity?
  • Well written releases grab the attention of the media so they will publicize your news through an article or story.
  • How do news releases save my company money?
  • When the media contacts you requesting an interview for television, radio or print, they consider the interview a news report. Consequently, you pay nothing extra for this outstanding publicity. Your only expense has been for the news release and its distribution.

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